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Online Quran Tutor the Quran is fountain head of complete learning, but there’s a striking diff among the Holy Quran and many other Books the Holy Quran is the words of Allah Almighty SWT & the books on several branches of Holy knowledge are human studies of Allah Almighty’s creation. These all books treat specific topics and subjects.
A book is on one regulation is quite on all other disciplines and regulations. They’re no way comparable with the Quran Paak. The Quran is a treasure of our facts and learning that man might need until end of the time. The entire knowledge originates from the Quran PAAK. And This is fundamental truth of the ISLAMIC doctrine of facts. We need to get out of the wide darkness of unawareness and move ahead of the limelight and incredible future. The Holy Prophet Muhammad SWA Peace Be Upon him said:
“O people I’m leaving behind between you the Quran paak and the SUNAT-E-NABWI, if you follow all these in letter and spirit you’ll never be strayed.”


  • Reading and reciting the Holy Quran doing finalize an Islamic duty
  • The Holy Quran book will intercede to us on the final Day of Judgment
  • The Holy Quran will be a proof for us on the final Day of Judgment
  • Your position in this life will be raised
  • The Holy Quran is the solution for satisfaction and peace of all world problems
  • There are ten rewards for every letter you recite or read from the Quran
  • Your place in heaven is determined by the number of Holy Quran you memorize in this life!
  • The reciter’s of the Holy Book will be in the companionship of the submissive angels and righteous
  • The Quran will lead you to Heaven! Online Quran Tutor

Online Quran study is the leading online Islamic institute for those who have wish to learn Holy Book (Quran) and Islam online by the distance of courses. We have developed a wide ra ofnge curriculum for learning Holy Quran online and basic Islamic education. Our all distance courses apply unique and advance online learning tools, and join both old and modern ways of teaching. Study Islam online via our convenient and Also innovative Islamic lessons and experience it for yourself.
Our Services:
Our Online Quran Tutors are offering our services to every individual anyplace around the World who has access to a top speed internet connection (3G, 4G, Broadband, and DSL) on the lowest possible rate. Our complete courses include:

  • Holy Quran book reading and reciting education for adults and kids (4-80 ages)
  • Holy Quran translation
  • Basic Islamic Teaching
  • Memorization of the Quran
  • Urdu and Multilanguage leaning classes
  • TAJWEED classes for advanced students

Our Online Quran Tutors at Online Quran StudyOur online Holy Quran Tutors at Online Quran Study are hardworking individuals of high caliber who understand very well how to keep on going simply with a student in the responsive surroundings to produce excellent outcomes. Most of the tutors (male and female) are:

  • HAFIZ-E-QURAN (have memorized complete Holy Quran)
  • Well trained to teach Holy Quran in Multilanguage
  • Well aware of laws of reading and recitation
  • Have excellent command on many languages to converse with their learners and to deliver lessons all over the globe.

Extremely motivated and know the complexities faced in this field. They are want to go for the Max outcomes.

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At we’ve wide experience of several years of coaching online Holy Quran with loyalty, and objective of looking for the cases of Allah Almighty.

We are offering 3 days trial period online Quran classes anytime free of cost. Register now for online Holy Quran Classes. Online Quran study is the One of the best Institute for learning Quran online!
Training of Online Quran Tutors:
We train our Online Holy Book Tutors before allotting them learners, as internet learning is a complete diff way as compared to traditional learning. We keep on organizing diff training programs and refresher courses for the all our tutors to keep them updated according to the need of time and to keep the quality.
Online Quran Study is the nonpartisan group of tutors; we’re not part of any group, Mosque or Islamic organization. We welcome every student from the world interested in learning to read Holy Quran!